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Madden 20 Tournament at Life Changing Church

September 28, 2019 Free
Registration closes Sep 27 at 11:59pm
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Dates & Times

  • Sep 28, 2019
    10:00am - 2:00pm


  • Standard


Life Changing Church is hosting a Madden 20 Tournament in Angola and Edgerton on Saturday, September 28 at 10am. Sign up and compete to win a $60 GameStop gift card! Registration is FREE. Hurry, space is limited!

Here's how the tournament will be played:

Game Settings:
1. Quarter length: 3 minutes
2. Skill: All Madden
3. Playbook: Any Madden
4. All other settings will default
5. Overtime (OT) will decide all ties. If tied after one OT, then will play a GRUDGE MATCH (same coin toss selector) and will play regular quarters until there is a score. Must play with same HOME and AWAY teams.

Team Selection:
1. Once a participant has entered the tournament, such participant may play with any one of the current 32 NFL teams. The all-time teams/fantasy teams are not allowed in the tournament.
2. Coin toss for first team pick. Winner of the coin flip prior to the start of the game determines home/away team and choice of first or second team pick.

Additional Rules:
1. No pausing, rewinding, or delaying the game.
2. Must be 10 years or older to play.

Game system: PlayStation